Yes8sg celebrates Chinese New Year with a bang – Watch out for influencers

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Singapore: January 2020, on the pious occasion of Chinese New Year, the most celebrated and legal casino of Singapore Yes8SG is gearing up for making merry. The online casino is again hitting the news on this Chinese New Year and for all good reasons. This year in January they have come up with an altogether different way of celebrating the most awaited occasion of the year. They are coming up to take connect they have with their fans on to new heights. They are going to invite celebrated social media influencers to wish their fans. This would be a lot entertaining for the fans and followers and what better to expect from the no. 1 online casino in Singapore.

The trusted casino has decided a worthy Chinese New Year celebration event this year. They have invited KOL’s to go live and wish their customers Happy Chinese New Year. Yes8sg in collaboration with KOL- Josephy_li, would wish greetings and prosperity on the occasion of Chinese New Year 2020 to its fans. Not only this, it is going to be an amazing experience for the loyal customers of the casino to witness the promotion of the event on the KOL’s Instagram page and the website of the online casino. The celebrated KOLs who are going to be a part of this celebration are,, So what are you waiting for just start following the event right away?

This is one of the most reliable places to indulge in online casino games in Singapore. This is not only the most legal online casino but also the casino with a great reputation for fair play with their customers. This is one of the prime reasons behind the huge fan base they have been able to develop since its inception. This makes it worthy enough to change liable entry fees. But no one has to panic as the fee is going to be nominal and affordable for all. The event is going to be a jam-packed flourish of all casino lovers and it would be a scintillating experience for those who would be a part of it. This will indeed be a magical experience for all the casino lovers from all over the world when thousands of likeminded people are going to celebrate the awaited moment together.

Yes8sg has remained a synonym of trust, credibility, and reliability since its inception. It has been a long journey for the online casino and it has received loads of never-ending love and affection from its followers. The casino management is well informed that the role and contribution of their fans is immense in achieving this much growth. And this thought and belief has set the pillar stone behind the decision of online casino management to celebrate the event with its fans. This is why the best place for online betting Singapore has to offer is coming up with a unique way of wishing their customers a merry Chinese New Year.

The inclusion of KOL or social media influencers would be mesmerizing for the customers. They are going to be one of the main attractions of the event. It would be a magical feeling for the customers to get live wishes from their favorite KOL stars. This is going to be away in which no other than the best online casino is going to celebrate the occasion.

This is going to be a great bonding exercise for the Yes8sg– legal casino Singapore, fans and prospects and social influencer as all are going to be on the same platform for the celebration of this lovely event. For the casino management, this is going to be the founding stone for a new way of attracting prospective customers. And casino management has a firm belief that the customers are going to go crazy with such event and they are going to love to indulge. This is going to be a milestone for the online casino industry in Singapore. And the best online casino is going to take pride in organizing this pioneering work. Hence this comes as an immaculate opportunity for the fans and lovers of online gaming and betting to celebrate the most happening night in Singapore with the most reliable online casino.

The customers from different corners of the city can experience the best online betting Singapore fun at yes8sg. And the moment to enjoy this form of delectation is so correctly chosen by casino- the Chinese New Year.