Yes8sg is about to organize a huge event on Christmas

The No.1 online casino Singapore is all set to make Christmas memorable for their users

Singapore: December 2019, This Christmas is going to be memorable for the Yes8sg users. Yes8sg is a legal online casino of Singapore that is about to organize an event on Christmas Eve. The event is a giveaway campaign full of surprises for their users. To become a part of the program, users have to make some deposits on their platform. All the successful depositors will be eligible for joining the campaign.

Yes8sg has appointed a few interesting and influencing personalities who will draw attention to the users on the event. Three influencing and charismatic personalities will be the ambassadors of the giveaway campaign.

Following activities will bring light to this Christmas celebration:

  • Eligible users will get a chance to share a platform with the KOLs
  • The exciting prize for all the winners
  • Presenting jersey of Chelsea football club to all those winners who will win the games on that day
  • Presence of KOLs to boost the customer’s enthusiasm
  • The live event will be put on air via a video post on the social media networks

The event is going to be worth participating in the yes8sg users and fans of the Chelsea football club as well. They can also become part of this event by registering on the official website of this best online casino. Yes8sg welcomes all new users warm-heartedly to further enhance the prestige of the event.

These new users will become the special attendees of the event. For the first time, they will see such a grand celebration on Christmas day at yes8sg. The exciting part of the campaign is the joining of key opinion leaders. These are known for influencing people via there Instagram profiles. They are extremely popular on Instagram and have an enormous fan base and followers.

The first KOL is a TzeQian who is a social media influencer and has an Instagram profile as (Tzeqian_c.c). Wenxian Huang is highly popular on Instagram (wenxian1015_) with 80.3k followers. She is also an NRX brand ambassador and her presence will definitely add embellishments to the giveaway campaign. And it will further increase the enthusiasm of yes8sg users who will be joining the Christmas happening. The third key opinion leader has won the title of miss international 2017. She is very talented and also famous for her singing, acting, and modeling skills. Her popularity is further growing on Instagram and right now she has 423k followers on her Instagram profile (sabee996).

The presence of all these three gorgeous and beautiful ladies will draw everyone’s attention to the event. Yes8sg, a trusted online casino Singapore, has decided to present Chelsea T-shirts to the winners through these KOLs. They will get a unique reference ID. Each winner will get a T-shirt with the official logo of the Chelsea football club via a referrer with a reference ID. These KOLs will be doing a great job of responsibility for the event to engage all the users and participants.

They will further make this giveaway campaign a grand success by sharing their live activities through their Instagram handles. It is likely to gain huge customers via social media platforms who could join the event. Everything will be shared live as well to connect more and more customers from all the corners of the world.

Yes8sg and Chelsea football club have come up with this special way to thanks their audiences and fans to support them till now. Their support and love are going to increase more on this occasion. This is a way to thank their partners and associate sponsors as well to show trust in Singapore’s best online betting casino.

Yes8sg is not organizing such a grand event for the first time but definitely, this one stays apart from the rest it has done in the past. It is because they are including some of the famous names this time. Their loyal customers and new users will get an unforgettable experience on Christmas. And the date is so well chosen that makes both Christmas and New Year celebration a striking occasion.

Their jersey giveaway decision is an out of the box gift which will be far precious for the fans. It will be worth getting the jersey which is even more worthy than winning jackpots from this trustful online gambling casino.

Yes8sg is doing everything that will make the event a topic of discussion for decades. This legal, reliable, and credible casino after this campaign will become a global face in the casino industry.